Review: Brodies Scottish Breakfast Tea

If you want a good Scottish Breakfast Tea, why not try at tea actually made in Scotland rather than some other random country. Brodies Scottish Breakfast Tea is made in Edinburgh, Scotland.

For authentic Scottish Breakfast teas, Brodies might be one of the best. It is full bodied with a malty flavor.  We recommend having it with milk and sugar (not honey but sugar).

When you have a Brodies Tea, you are dealing with people that have a long experience with tea and not a company that just started making tea.  Brodie’s is still a family business with over 130 years experience in the art of blending tea. Brodies has been importing and blending teas since 1867.

Plus, Brodies Scottish Breakfast comes in tea bags and loose, so you can have it they way you prefer. Brodies Tea bags come in the distinctive drum seen by many travelers to Scotland.

Plus, since it comes in a 100 tea bag box, you can bring it to the office or serve it in your cafe, restaurant or other establishment.