Which Tea is in the Top 50 Scottish Brands

Recently, Scottish Grocer magazine revealed the list of the top 50 Scottish (non-alcohol) brands in Scotland.  Did any tea companies make the list?

The list is compiled by market research company Kantar Worldwide.  The top 50 are measured by grocery take-home sales from May 2015 to May 2016.   The Scottish grocery market is worth 10 Billion Pounds.

Only one tea made the top 50.  Was it Brodies Tea or Edinburgh Tea or Scottish Blend?  This tea moved up to 18 from 21 the year before.  This tea again is #1 in Scotland.  The only tea in the top 50 is Scottish Blend.

Te top 5 brands are Irn Bru, Graham’s The Family Dairy, Malcom Allan, Baxter’s and Bell’s Pie & Pastry.