Fisherman Uses IRN-BRU for Bait with Big Results

Want to get better results fishing?  Then, try IRN-BRU on your bait.   This worked for a Scottish fisherman.

Crawford Griffiths started using Irn-Bru on his bait after he hit a dry stretch. He was trying to think of ways to reverse his bad luck.

So, he poured Irn-Bru on his bait and the fish really took to the new bait.

Said Griffiths, “Within 2 minutes, I caught a 3-pound perch, then a 2-pounder, a 3 1/2f pounder and finally a 4 pounder – all on the same day.

“It was the best day’s fishing I’d ever experienced.

“I wasn’t sure if it was just a fluke, so I went down again soon afterwards and, sure enough, the same thing happened.

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