Punjana Scottish Blend Gets High Marks from US Tea Drinkers

Within the past month of so, Punjana Scottish Blend has become available in the US. We couldn’t help but notice that US tea drinkers have really taken to the tea. ¬†According to the reviews left on teadog.com, the tea get s 4.5 out of 5. ¬†Customers have said of the tea:

MK from Holden, MA wrote:
The Punjana Scottish blend is refreshingly different. It maintains a consistent mellow but lively flavor even if the tea bag steeps long. By contrast, the Irish blends are excellent (as always) but the flavor is more sensitive to the length of steeping.

Gary Hack from Forest, VA wrote:
I usually drink Typhoo or PG Tips, so this was quite a pleasant surprise in drinking this the first time, very satisfying…

So the tea is definitely worth trying.

pun scot blend v1