New Teas Direct from Edinburgh

We love to try new Scottish Teas.   Our friends at recently sent us tea from the Edinburgh Tea Company.

We tried 4 different teas: Highland Blend Tea, Heather Tea, Thistle Tea and Whisky Tea (note that whisky is spelled without an e, which is how the word is spelled in Scotland).   Naturally, all were excellent black teas.  But, we really liked the whisky tea best.

Edinburgh Whisky Tea is made with black tea from China marinated in a Scotch Whisky flavor.  The tea does not contain any alcohol.

We also really liked the fact the tea came in a box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags.  Now we can have a cup of whisky to help us get through those uninteresting morning meetings.

Officially called the Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company, the firm is located in the heart of Scotland’s capital.