So What is IRN-BRU?

Although we enjoy IRN-BRU, many people are unfamiliar with the drink. So what is it? IRN-BRU (pronounced Iron Brew for those unfamiliar). It only needs 1 word. Any visitor to …

IRN-BRU: Pure Greatness

It’s not a tea, but it is from Scotland, and we love it.   IRN-BRU (pronounced Iron Brew).  Just one name says it all. Our friends at just sent us …

This Site Runs on Tea

Our friends at, created a series of tea badges. This is the one we liked the best:

Happy Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving, take a break, have a couple cups of tea and make sure to spend time with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

Scottish Tea: What is it?

What is a Scottish Tea?   Are there different types of Scottish Tea?    Here are a few quick answers. Scottish Tea usually is a black tea that is strong in taste.  …

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