US Tea Drinkers Rate Thompsons Scottish Blend Highly

Until recently, when tea drinkers in the US ordered Scottish Blend, there were referring to the Unilever product.  Recently,  US tea drinkers were given a choice.  The company formerly known as Punjana offers Thompson’s Scottish Blend Tea.  US tea drinkers are giving it high ratings, saying:

pun scot blend v1

Heidi from Fredericskburg, VA writes:
It has a bit less malty flavor and not as strong as Punjana but, yet it has its own fince dark quality that is not bitter nor dry. A suttle sweetness that takes milk or soy creamer well. I have soft water from the Shenandoah Mtns and it is a good late morning cup.

Barbara Q. from Boiling Springs, PA states:
I recently discovered Punjana teas and have been enjoying the three varieties, which are all unique. The Scottish Blend is a hearty tea which  gives an afternoon pick-me-up, but with a smooth taste. Nothing harsh about it.

MK from Holden, MA comments:
The Punjana Scottish blend is refreshingly different. It maintains a consistent mellow but lively flavor even if the tea bag steeps long. By contrast, the Irish blends are excellent (as always) but the flavor is more sensitive to the length of steeping.

Lorna from Hillsdale, MI says:
This tea is a decent breakfast tea, but lacks the peaty quality one expects of a Scottish breakfast.  However, it may be that my water is not soft enough.

Gary Hack from Forest, VA writes:
I usually drink Typhoo or PG Tips, so this was quite a pleasant surprise in drinking this the first time, very satisfying…..

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