Tea Originally Grown in Scotland

All tea drinkers have their very own way on how to drink their cuppa.

Some with Honey, others with lemon and some prefers just plain tea.

So how about a tea grown from Scotland itself, hand picked and delivered to you in a exquisite designed caddy.

A new artisan tea cultivated by team of women in gardens across Perthshire, Angus, Kincardineshire and Fife has launch this.

The tea is named Nine Ladies Dancing, this tea is the result of their 4 years of trials and hard work.

The product of their hard work – Nine Ladies Dancing

The team of nine started to produce the authentic, hand-crafted Scottish Tea last 2016.

These are the nine ladies who made all this possible.

Multiple experiments were done, including tea varieties, propagating plants from seed, and testing innovative techniques.

Photos and Article Information from The Scotsman