Scottish Blend Tea’s announcement about their packaging

Scottish Blend has announced that they plan to become an environmentally sustainable tea brand. This is by changing their packaging across its entire retail range.

The Scottish Blend tea‘s pyramid teabags are now made from fully biodegradable plant-based materials. This saved almost 6 tonnes of oil-based plastic from waste.

After redesigning the tea bags, the company saved an equivalent of removing over a million plastic carrier bags from circulation.

Article from The Scotsman

According to Fiachra Moloney, the tea director at Unilever UK&I : “Here at Scottish Blend, we care about communities and the environment. That’s why we’re committed to making the very best possible tea for our community of Scottish Blend drinkers.”

“That means not only blending our tea to taste great in Scottish water, but a switch to a more environmentally friendly cuppa too.”

“We know our consumers are actively looking for sustainable products. Our fully biodegradable and compostable teabags and our plans to remove the outer plastic wrap will let our community enjoy a cuppa in peace, knowing they’re having a more positive impact on their local environment.”