Tea Brands under Unilever other than Scottish Blend Tea

We all know that Scottish Blend Tea is a tea manufactured by Unilever UK. Mainly in Scotland which is why it is called Scottish Blend Tea.

But, other than PG Tips, Lipton, and Lyons Teas, which are big tea brand names. What are the other tea brands that are under Unilever?

These are the sister tea brands of Scottish Blend Tea under Unilever.

Brooke Bond is a UK-based company purchased by Unilever in 1984. Brooke Bond had its own brand of tea, which has since been discontinued. But it is also better known for being the originator of the PG Tips brand.

Pure Leaf is a primarily bottled tea and sells loose-leaf and teabags in the U.S.

Unilever partly owns Red Rose Tea a famous Canadian brand, Red Rose Tea; Unilever owns the Canadian part of the brand, but Unilever sold the rights to the brand in the U.S. to another company.

Saga Tea is also a polish brand of tea, manufactured by Unilever.

And many more!!

Unilever, the parent entity of these tea brands, holds many more tea brands around the world.

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