New: Scottish Blend Decaf

Maybe the world’s premier Scottish Tea, Scottish Blend, has announced a new product. Scottish Blend Decaf has just been released. However, the tea is unavailable in the US at the moment.

In the Scottish tea market, Scottish Blend is the number 2 brand.  It also is popular with tea drinkers across the world, but especially in the US, where we live.    Scottish Blend is made specifically for the famous water of Scotland, which is one reason it translates well across the globe.   Now, fans of Scottish Tea have a caffeine-free variety.

If you drink Scottish Blend, you will notice the packaging is different.  For the first time in 10 years, the box has been updated and redesigned.

Here is a statement from Unilever, the company that owns Scottish Blend:

“Our target audience tends to migrate to decaf products as they get older and this segment of the Scottish tea sector is the fastest growing. Now is a great time for Scottish Blend to take advantage of this opportunity. Along with the rebrand, which should make our products more visible on shelf, the new Decaf variant will increase shelf presence and offer our consumers a further opportunity to stay loyal to the brand.”

When it doe become available in the US, you will find out here first.


  1. Can’t wait for this to become available in the U.S.

  2. I am trying to locate decaffeinated Scottish tea in the United States. Is this available?

  3. Author

    Tim: Scottish Blend Decaf does not exist anymore. You will have to look for another Scottish decaf tea. Thanks.

  4. Who-wat? This is the ONLY decaf Scottish tea available. But it is NOT available? Could you explain why? And why this page remains to stoke interest for a product you discontinued? I was about to buy three boxes. Oh well. IIWII.

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