Scottish Blend Posh Woman Commercial

Here is another good Scottish Blend Tea commercial.  We can’t display the commercial here so just click on the image to see the commercial.

Another Scottish Blend TV Commercial

Here is a classic commercial for Scottish Blend Tea.  The commercial lasts until about the 30 second mark. Thanks to glasgowfrank01981 for the video.

Video Testimonial on New Free Tea ebook

Here is a interesting video testimonial on the new ebook being offered by our friends at   The book is called “Your Great Grandmother Made Better Tea: 50 Ice …

IRN-BRU IF Advertisement

Another great ad from IRN-BRU.  This ad aired in Scotland during 2008.  No matter where you are in the world, IRN-BRU is always phenomenal. Irn-Bru “IF” from The Leith on …

Another Classic Scottish Blend Ad

A classic Scottish Blend television commercial.  This ad aired in Scotland.  If you look, you will notice that the Scottish Blend box is different than it is today. This is …